Revolutionizing Freight Logistics: C.H. Robinson Unveils Groundbreaking Touchless Appointment Technology with AI

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In a landmark development for the logistics sector, global powerhouse C.H. Robinson has introduced cutting-edge technology set to redefine efficiency in freight shipping. This innovation eliminates the arduous task of manually scheduling appointments at pickup and delivery locations, a process that traditionally consumes substantial time and resources across the U.S. trucking industry, amounting to over 1 billion appointments annually, often managed through labor-intensive phone calls and emails.

Enter touchless appointments—a game-changer that automates the entire scheduling process, operating seamlessly 24/7 without the need for human intervention. Leveraging state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, this groundbreaking technology optimizes appointment selection based on a myriad of factors, including transit-time data drawn from C.H. Robinson’s vast network encompassing millions of shipments across 300,000 shipping lanes, facility metrics such as peak dwell time, and carrier-preferred time windows.

C.H. Robinson’s pioneering initiative comes in response to overwhelming demand from the industry, with 74% of shippers expressing a desire for enhanced automation within their supply chains. Notably, in a recent 2024 customer survey conducted by C.H. Robinson, shippers identified more efficient appointment scheduling as their second-highest technological priority for the year.

Michael Castagnetto, President of North American Surface Transportation at C.H. Robinson, underscores the significance of this advancement, stating, “Achieving touchless appointments marks a significant leap forward in supply chain automation. By leveraging technology to seamlessly secure appointment slots that accommodate both loading docks and carriers, we are streamlining operations and ensuring timely delivery of freight. Our unparalleled dataset empowers us to make smarter appointment decisions, setting us apart from competitors.”

With its unrivaled expertise in moving truckload freight across North America, C.H. Robinson has already implemented touchless appointments for 2,545 customers across a network of over 25,000 facilities, delivering tangible benefits, particularly to retailers and food companies.

This groundbreaking technology delivers:

  1. Time savings for shippers: Touchless appointments are completed in under 2 minutes, eliminating the need for labor-intensive appointment management.
  2. Faster freight dispatch: C.H. Robinson can offer customers’ loads to its carrier network swiftly, enhancing access to freight and securing competitive rates.
  3. Cost savings for shippers: Expedited load booking reduces the likelihood of premium payments for out-of-route carriers. Moreover, data-driven appointments minimize chargebacks and fines, saving shippers from costly penalties.

Arun Rajan, Chief Operating Officer at C.H. Robinson, emphasizes the company’s commitment to driving innovation within the industry, stating, “Digitizing logistics processes is a vital step forward. Automation in appointment scheduling represents a significant advancement, streamlining operations for our customers and ourselves. We are proud to lead the charge in revolutionizing freight logistics.”

C.H. Robinson’s trailblazing touchless appointment technology sets a new standard for efficiency and reliability in freight logistics, marking a pivotal moment in the ongoing digital transformation of the industry.

Source: Industryintel

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