Hawaii Trucking Schools and Programs

CDL requirements in Hawaii are a bit different than for states in the continental US. The major CDL requirement that sets Hawaii apart from other states is you must be 21 years of age to apply, instead of the normal 18 years of age.

Each county has specific offices that handle the CDL examination process. Also, since Hawaii is a set of islands in the ocean, and not connected to any other state – you don’t need to worry about intrastate licensing, which is one less headache.

Applying for a Commercial Driver’s License in Hawaii is similar to the process in all other states with one notable exception. In Hawaii, applicants must be 21 years old in order to apply for and obtain a CDL. There is no exception for driving within the state.

Each island only has a few driver’s license offices. It is advisable to call ahead before visiting to verify office hours and whether the specific service you need is being offered during your expected visit. Some offices have curtailed hours due to staffing shortages or budget considerations.

Before you apply, you’ll need to gather several documents:
• Certified copy of your birth certificate.
• Original Social Security card.
• Your DOT 4-766 form. This is the medical report showing you are physically fit.
• A front-view passport-type color photo which shows the face. It can be 2″ x 3″.
• A completed CDL application, form DOT 4-764.
• Your current Hawaii driver’s license.

The next step is to begin the testing process. First you’ll need to pass the vision test with at least 20/40 vision in both eyes. Then you can take the written tests. All applicants must pass the general knowledge test. Other tests must also be successfully completed, depending on what endorsements you hope to receive. There are separate tests for air brakes, school buses, hazardous materials, tankers, doubles/triples, combinations and vehicles carrying 16 or more passengers. There is a fee for each test. The general knowledge test costs $15 and the endorsement tests are $5 each.

Once you’ve completed the testing phase, you are eligible to receive a CDL permit. The cost is $30 and the permit is good for one year. With your permit, you can practice driving under the supervision of a licensed driver.

When you feel ready, you can make an appointment to take the final driving tests. You’ll need to take three different tests, all at the same appointment. There is a $50 fee to take the Pre-trip, Skills and Road Tests. Once these are completed successfully and you pay the $40 fee, you’ll be the proud owner of a Hawaii Commercial Driver’s License which is valid for six years if you are younger than 71.  If you attend a CDL training school in Hawaii, most liekly they will arrange for your testing and may arrange for your permit as well.