New Jersey

New Jersey Trucking Schools

New Jersey offers a number of truck driving careers. You will be able to enjoy the cold winters and the warm summers that the state has to offer. Depending on your routes, you may find yourself driving through Atlantic City, Trenton or even into New York City on a regular basis.

People who are going to need to drive a vehicle in New Jersey with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) equal to 26,001 pounds and above will need to have a Class A license. The other requirement is that the GVWR of the vehicle these people are towing be more than 10,000 pounds.

Qualifications for the Applicants

The people who will be driving the vehicles also have a few requirements that they must meet before they will be invited to begin the CDL testing process. If the applicants are at least 18 years of age, have a driver license from the state of New Jersey, can pass a vision test and obtain a medical certificate, they qualify to become Class A driver license holders in New Jersey.

How to Add Endorsements to the CDL

Some drivers need to add endorsements to their licenses, making it possible for them to perform other activities that the Class A driver license without such endorsements does not allow. For example, if applicants are going to be transporting hazardous materials, they will need to add the hazardous materials endorsement to their licenses. This will require them to undergo all of the testing for the CDL as well as further testing for the endorsement.

Disqualifications for the Hazardous Materials Endorsement

Some people will be unable to qualify for the hazardous materials endorsement. These are people who have been convicted of one or more of several violent crimes.

The CDL Application Process

Those who qualify to begin the CDL process will need to go to their local offices of the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) where they can pick up the CDL driver license manual. This manual will be instrumental in helping them pass their written tests. Applicants will need to present their current driver licenses, prove their identities and pay the $125 fee for the application and the tests. After they have done this, they will receive their permits.

First, some applicants will be required to take their physical examinations before they can take their written tests. Once the applicants have passed their written and vision tests, they can move on to the CDL skills test after at least 10 days of practice. Once they pass, they can immediately go to the MVC for their New Jersey Commercial Driver Licenses.

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