Michigan Trucking Schools and Programs

There are many truck driving careers in Michigan – and you can take advantage of many of them with just a CDL. It’s important to know about your earning potential with this career as well as the many industries that need truck drivers.

A commercial’s driver license ,or CDL, is a special type of license that allows people to operate a vehicle for commercial use. Buses, tractor trailers and tow trucks are examples of vehicles that people will need a CDL license to operate. Additionally, people who will be driving a church or school van will also need a CDL license. The requirements needed to get a CDL license can vary, depending on the state that in which one resides. Below are some of the requirements for getting a CDL license in Michigan:

Age:In the state of Michigan, people can operate a commercial vehicle at the age of 18. However, people who are interested in driving a motor vehicle on the interstate must be at least 21 years old. Additionally, drivers must also be 21 to transport hazardous materials. People must present a birth certificate , proof of U.S. citizenship and proof of residency before they can get a CDL license.

Driving record:People who want to get a CDL license must have a clean driving record. DUIs and other types of convictions that have occurred within the last 24 months may disqualify a person from getting a CDL license. Drivers who have had their license suspended or revoked within the last 36 months may also be denied a CDL license.

Health requirements:Drivers are also required to be in reasonably good physical health. Epilepsy, insulin-dependent diabetes and vision problems are examples of medical conditions that can disqualify a person from getting a CDL license. People are required to submit a form from a health care provider stating that they are in good health. It is important to note that people who have serious health conditions may be able to get a CDL license if they get a waiver from their doctor.

Passing the test:People must pass a skills test before they are awarded a CDL license. The skills test consists of three parts: the pre-inspection test, the basic controls test and the road test. People are required to pass all three parts of the examination before they are awarded a CDL license.

    • Show proof of Social Security number
    • Present your Federal Security Threat Assessment if you are applying for a hazardous materials endorsement
    • Complete an application

If you have had any change in your physical condition since your last driver license renewal which may affect your ability to drive, you may need a special form from the branch office for your physician to fill out before you can apply for your license.

    • Meet driver record eligibility requirements
    • Pass the required knowledge and vision tests
    • Pay your CDL fees
    • Schedule your CDL skills test

You must take the skills tests through an approved third party tester. Third party testers are public and private agencies authorized by the state to conduct CDL skills tests. Once you have passed your CDL skills tests, you must return to the Secretary of State branch office to:

    • Pay a correction fee to add CDL privileges to your license
    • Receive your CDL

A & B CDL, Inc.

P. O. box 540


Advanced Tech Courses

6100 US 31


American Truck Driving School

150 South Michigan Ave.


Baker College of Flint

100 N. Delaney


Baker College of Flint TDS

1050 W. Bristol Rd.


Bright Futures Business School

P. O. Box 7906


CDI Truck Driving School

6191 Sherman


CDMI-Premier Truck Driving School

3213 South Saginaw Rd.


Coast 2 Coast Truck Driving School

6280 King Rd.
Marine City,MI


Commercial Driver Certification

34036 Fountain Blvd.


Commercial Driver License Training School

13800 Tyler


CTS CDL School

14601 Dequindre St.


Eaton Roadranger Truck Driver Training

2400 N. Burdick St.


Great Lakes Truck Driver Training School

32500 Van Born Ste 500


Integrity Truck Driving School Inc.

1155 Centre Rd.
Auburn Hills,MI


Integrity Truck Driving School Inc.

12256 Hubbard St.


International Trucking School

1321 Division St.


International Trucking School

16829 South Water Tower Dr.


International Trucking School

811 Willow Run Airport


International Trucking School/McComb Count College

32101 Caroline Rm 103


International Trucking School Inc.

5700 Nelson A. Miles Parkway


Joe Carney’s Truck Driving School Inc.

14601 Dequindre St.


Lansing Community College

Mail Code 3600/P. O. Box 40010


North Country Truck Driving School

1519 N. 26th St.


Novi Testing & Training

41115 Jo Driver


Professional Driver Institute

P. O. Box 276
New Buffalo,MI


Samba Express Driver Training and Testing

32091 Hollingsworth Ave.


Suburban Truck Driver training School

28675 Northline Rd.


Trainco Truck Driving School Inc.

14750 Laplaisance Rd.


Tri Area Driving School

7605 Midland Rd.


U. S. Truck Driver Training School Inc.

2100 W. Thompson Rd.


U. S. Truck Driver Training School Inc.

4195 Central St.


Wayne County Community College

9555 Haggerty Rd.


West Michigan CDL Inc.

3370 Busch Dr. SW Ste E


West Michigan CDL Inc.

2620 Salzburg Rd.


Winona Technical College

1250 Homer Rd.