Missouri Trucking Schools and Programs

Truck driving careers in Missouri can be very exciting. Whether you drive a tanker or a tractor trailer, you can find many jobs and all you need to be hired is a CDL and a clean driving record.

Like most states, Missouri has strict requirements for obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). An applicant must first present identification and proof of residence. A current driver’s license, birth certificate, or passport are most commonly used for identification purposes, while the DMV will accept utility bills, mortgage statements and similar documents as proof of residence.

All applicants must also pass a background check. This latter will check the applicant’s criminal and driving history. If he or she has had a driver’s license in another state, the DMV will pull the applicant’s driving history for the past 10 years from that state. In addition, all applicants have to pass a physical and present a medical card that says they are in good health. Applicants may be disqualified for having a poor driving record or for having certain health conditions, such as epilepsy. They may also be disqualified from obtaining certain endorsements, such as the hazardous materials endorsement, if they have a criminal record.

The next step in the process is a knowledge exam. Each applicant must pass a test that assesses his or her knowledge of the rules, regulations and procedures for driving a commercial vehicle. If he or she wishes to drive specialized vehicles, such as a school bus or a hazardous materials truck, he or she will have to take additional tests on those topics.

Once an applicant has passed the knowledge test, he or she can take the skills test. This three-part test begins with the pre-trip inspection required or all commercial carriers. This means the applicant must tell the tester if the vehicle is safe to drive and why or why not. Next, the applicant’s ability to handle the vehicle by backing it up, turning it and maneuvering it around obstacles will be tested. Finally, the applicant’s on-road driving skills will be assessed.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is responsible for conducting all CDL exams. The fee for a six-month permit is $7.50. A three-year CDL costs $22.50, and a six-year CDL costs $45. CDL applicants in Missouri are not required to take a training course, but the DMV highly recommends it. Applicants who wish to go through a training course will first take the knowledge test and get a permit and then take the skills test once their training is completed.

By federal requirement, each state has standards for licensing commercial drivers. The class of license you’re seeking will determine what tests you’ll be required to take. The CDL knowledge tests include:

    • The general knowledge test, taken by all applicants.
    • The passenger transport test (bus drivers).
    • The air brakes test, which you must take if your vehicle has air brakes.
    • The combination vehicles test, which is required if you want to drive combination vehicles.
    • The hazardous materials test, required if you want to haul hazardous material or waste in amounts that require placarding.
    • The tanker test, required if you want to haul liquids in bulk.
    • The doubles/triples test, required if you want to pull double or triple trailers

The fee for a Missouri CDL instruction permit is $7.50 and the permit is valid for six months.

The fee for a Missouri CDL is $22.50 for a three-year license or $45 for a six-year license. If you lose your license, you’ll need to pay $22.50 to request a duplicate of a three-year license or $25 to obtain a duplicate of a six-year license.

American Truck Training
5036 Gardner Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64120

C-1 Truck Driver Training
6395 E. State Highway OO
Strafford MO 65757

Crowder College Transport Training
601 Laclede
Neosho, MO 64850

Hook Up Drivers
5465 Hwy 43 S.
Joplin, MO 64804

MTC Truck Driver Training
11842 Missouri Bottom Rd.
Hazelwood, MO 63042

Nu-Way Truck Driving School
2160 South Service Rd. West
Saint Peters, MO 63376

South Central Career Center
1009 Jackson St.
West Plains, MO 65775

Southern Missouri Truck Driving School
105 Arnold Blvd.
Malden, MO 63863