Bipartisan Support Grows for Trucker Bathroom Access Act

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WASHINGTON — The Trucker Bathroom Access Act, championed by Representatives Brian Babin (R-Texas) and Jefferson Van Drew (R-N.J.), is gaining traction with growing bipartisan support, signaling a significant step toward ensuring essential restroom facilities for truckers nationwide.

HR3869, the bipartisan bill aimed at guaranteeing truckers access to restroom facilities during cargo pickups and deliveries, has garnered strong endorsement from key industry stakeholders. The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) expressed robust support for the proposal, emphasizing the critical need to address the daily challenges faced by truckers in accessing basic amenities.

Todd Spencer, President and CEO of OOIDA, highlighted the plight of truck drivers who are often compelled to endure discomfort due to inadequate restroom access. With over 70% of America’s freight carried by trucks, Spencer stressed the urgency of passing this legislation to uphold the dignity and well-being of truckers.

The Women In Trucking Association, represented by founder Ellen Voie, echoed the sentiment, underlining the increasing demand for restroom access, particularly as more women enter the trucking industry. Voie commended Representative Nehls for his support, emphasizing the importance of recognizing restroom access as a fundamental necessity for all drivers.

Representative Nehls emphasized the essential role of truckers in keeping the nation’s economy moving, highlighting the adverse impact of COVID-19 on restroom access for essential workers. Nehls reiterated his commitment to supporting truckers by reintroducing legislation that addresses their basic needs while on the road.

The proposed legislation mandates retailers, warehouses, and other businesses to provide truckers with restroom access without necessitating the construction of new facilities. It underscores the principle of equity, ensuring that truckers have access to the same amenities as other employees or customers at these establishments.

Additionally, the bill requires operators of ports and terminals to provide restroom access to drayage drivers, further enhancing the support infrastructure for truckers nationwide.

Congresswoman Chrissy Houlahan (D-Pa.) underscored the importance of recognizing the challenges faced by truckers, particularly in recruitment and retention. She emphasized the need for equitable access to restroom facilities, highlighting the significant contributions of truckers to the nation’s economic recovery.

As bipartisan support for the Trucker Bathroom Access Act continues to grow, advocates remain optimistic about its potential to address long-standing disparities and ensure the well-being of truckers as they navigate the demands of their essential profession.

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